RPTC currently provides singles league privileges to its members and a new season is upon us.

Unfortunately, we continue to experience issues with some AGAPE players or parents who are not following the rules for registering or reserving courts. Monitoring Agape players' registrations (or lack thereof) and incorrect online reservations that violate policy is taking an unreasonable amount of time for our staff and court monitors.

Playing singles league matches is a privilege. The AGAPE league has been issued a warning. If Agape players or their parents continue to create staff problems this next season, RPTC will be inclined to suspend all Agape play on RPTC courts.


All singles league players MUST REGISTER IN THE OFFICE ($9 league fee & player roster) BEFORE RESERVING ANY LEAGUE COURTS.

Reservations will be deleted without warning if player has not registered prior to the reservation date.

Before a player's first match of EACH SEASON, that player is REQUIRED to REGISTER WITH RPTC by COMING INTO THE OFFICE to:

1.   Pay League Fee of $9

2.   Submit Player’s Roster (legible & complete)


* Do NOT reserve a league match court if you have not paid for the new season. It is the player's responsibility to register with the office. (If you're not sure, check with the office) 
* All reservations must be under the PLAYER'S NAME, not the parent. 
* When reserving online, mark the Event Box with the name of your league so the office will know this is a league match. 2 hours is permissible.


* DO NOT BOOK A LEAGUE MATCH AFTER A SEASON HAS ENDED OR WITH A PLAYER NOT ON YOUR ROSTER. Using the reservation system for these purposes is prohibited and will result in severe consequences. 
* DO NOT BOOK A SOCIAL MATCH AS A LEAGUE MATCH. Again, prohibited with severe consequences. 
* DO NOT EXPECT THE MONITORS TO TRACK YOU DOWN. Come into the office before your first match to register. 
* And finally, ARGUING WITH THE MONITORS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. If you have a concern, please email the office so that someone from management can help you. (

We sincerely appreciate all those who follow the rules; and our hope is for the process to go smoothly for everyone.

Thank you! Have a great season!