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2023 Quarter 2 (Apr-Jun)

Group Rosters:  























































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Please follow the USTA Covid-19 Safety Guideline here: https://www.usta.com/en/home/stay-current/national/usta-statement-on-safety-of-playing-tennis-during-the-covid-19-v.html  

Please use common safety sense when playing your matches.  Parents must accompany minors during their matches.    

IMPORTANT: If you are a member of RPTC (Rancho Penasquitos Tennis Center) then be sure to follow their rules for league play.  RPTC rules can be found HERE.  Failure to follow RPTC rules will result in warning and/or revocation of your Agape Tennis League membership.


Currently we have groups A through D with A=Advanced & D=Entry level.  These groups are open to all players regardless age or gender.

SubmittingMatch Scores:

● The winner of the match please submit match score within 2 days to AgapeTennis.Martin@gmail.com in this example format:
B7-Dan Dunlop def. B3-Wade Wilson 7-6, 2-6, 7-5 (Please report entire match score in the SUBJECT line of the email. Failure to do so or in improper format will result in score not being posted) When reporting scores please make sure to include the beginning quarter group ranking of each player as shown above, and do not include any previous or irrelevant contents in the subject and the body of the email (e.g. reporting using reply or forwarded emails).

● Tiebreakers: When reporting tiebreakers just report it as 7-6 or 6-7, don't report the points won in a tiebreaker.  If it's a 10-point match tiebreaker in lieu of 3rd set then report it as 7-6* (with an asterisk).

Ranking Points:

Each player plays a best out of 3 sets match with all other players in same group within a quarter period to earn ranking points (a 10-point match tiebreaker in lieu of a full 3rd set is to be played if requested by "either" player). Players schedule match times and locations among themselves via email or phone. A good way to schedule a match is by emailing other players in your group your availability for matches 1 or 2 weeks ahead of time. Trying to schedule matches more than 2 weeks ahead of time may be difficult for many players in this league for various reasons.

If your court time is limited to 1.5 hours or less, then to help finish a match within this time, you or your opponent have the option to call for the use of "no-ad" scoring method (see below) starting from the 2nd set...the other player must oblige.  This along with the "10-point match tiebreaker in lieu of a full 3rd set" rule above should allow most matches to be finished within 1.5 hours.

A "no-ad" (No-advantage ) scoring is a scoring method in which the first player to reach four points wins the game. No-ad scoring eliminates the requirement that a player must win by two points. Therefore, if the game is tied at deuce, the next player to win a point wins the game (for this point only, the receiver gets to choose whether to receive the serve on right or left side).

2 ranking points are awarded to the winner of a match, loser gets 1 point.

0 point if you default, your opponent gets 2 points

If 2 or more players have the same ranking points at the end of the quarter, then total Sets is used to determine ranking: Win a set = 1, Lose a set = -1

If 2 or more players have the same ranking points and total sets won at the end of the quarter, then head-to-head results will be used to determine rankings for the following quarter.

Top 3 players from each group move up one group level the following quarter...the rest of players starting from #4 may stay or move down a group level to balance the number of players in all groups due to new members and other factors.  Therefore finishing above bottom 3 doesn't necessarily prevent a player from moving down a group level.

Please do not request to move up or stay at a particular level at the end of the quarter if you do not finish at top 3...those requests will be ignored. Only the top 3 players are guaranteed to move up.

The group levels are completely skill based regardless of age or gender.


Match locations & time: Matches are played at a mutually agreed upon location and time.  Players must be flexible and not always insist on playing at "home" location.  If playing at "home" location then please disclose to the other player the time length of the court reservation.  It's best to reserve 2 hours length for league matches thus allowing time for 3rd set if needed.  Most of the league matches are played in the Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Penasquitos, Poway, Carmel Valley and Rancho Bernardo areas.  If you wish to join the league then please be prepared to play all the league matches in these areas, otherwise your opponents have the option to default you.

No interference: No coaching during the match is allowed. Spectators or parents are welcome to watch the match from "outside" of the tennis court area...meaning at least a few feet outside of the fence or courts divider.  In addition, parents and spectators are not to sit in the same resting area as the players.  Purpose of this is to allow players to play freely without feeling intimidated by opponent's parents or spectators.  Don't make or argue line calls on behalf of the players.  Don't interfere with the match. The best way to handle this is to confirm this rule with opponent's parent before the match starts.  If you still find a parent interfering during the match then please gently remind the parent of the league rule during the match.  If the parent refuses to comply then please notify the league via email.

Cell phones: Please silence your cell phone during a match. If your cell phone rings during a point that you won, your opponent has the option to replay the point. But if your cell phone rings during a point that you lost, the point shall stand.

Tennis balls: If the sum of the 2 players' beginning quarter ranking is odd, then the lower ranked player provides a new can of tennis balls for match play, and vice versa. Examples: (A3 vs. A5 = A3 provides balls), (A4 vs. A5 = A5 provides balls), (A4 vs. A6 = A4 provides balls) etc... The balls must be brand new, unopened & USTA approved unless otherwise agreed upon by both players. It's good idea to remind each other prior to the match on who is responsible to provide the new balls. If the responsible player forgets to provide the new balls and the opponent provides them instead, then the responsible player should make arrangement to reimburse the opponent for the new balls at the opponent's convenience. You should always have a new can of balls in your gear bag regardless who is responsible. A member that has been reported multiple times for failing to provide new balls or reimbursement is subject to have his/her membership forfeited or not renewed.

Sportsmanship: Please show good sportsmanship, respect and courtesy to your opponents. This league operates on honor system since we have no referees going around observing various matches, so please make accurate line calls to the best of your ability. Per USTA rule, if you are not sure if a ball landed in on your side of the court then you should give your opponent the benefit of the doubt and call the ball in. If you find your opponent making excessive number of bad calls then you can gently question his/her calls. If your opponent continue to make bad calls then you can report him/her to the league. Most of the time we find one side of the complaint story to be very different from the other side so there is not much the league can do. However, if the league receives multiple complaints from different players regarding the same player then actions will be taken against the reported player, including barring renewal or forfeiture of league membership. These are friendly matches so have fun and be a good sport.

Complaints: If the league receives multiple complaints from different players regarding the same player then actions will be taken against the reported player, including barring renewal or forfeiture of league membership.


IMPORTANT: Please Cc: the player to be defaulted on your default request & reason for default, and make sure both players' beginning quarter group rankings are shown, otherwise the request will be ignored without notice. Submit default in this example format: B7-Dan Dunlop defaults B3-Wade Wilson  (B7 receives 2 ranking points and B3 receives 0 point).

If you are late by more than 15 minutes then your opponent has the option of defaulting you.

If you cancel a scheduled match with less than 24 hours notice then your opponent has the option of defaulting you.

For matches cancelled during the last 2 weeks of the quarter the league has discretion to grant or deny default requests regardless whether a 24 hours cancellation notice was given.

Two weeks prior to the end of the quarter you should already have all your matches played, or scheduled to be played by the end of the quarter. Otherwise you are subject to be defaulted by players who have been trying to schedule a match with you in good faith earlier.

You can't default another player if you made no good faith attempts to schedule a match with that player at least two weeks prior to the end of the quarter.

Making yourself available only on weekdays, weekday evenings, or some odd times for matches is not scheduling in good faith. You should be flexible and also make yourself reasonably available for some weekend matches as well.

Not responding to requests to schedule matches that were made in good faith and at least two weeks prior to end of quarter means you are subject to be defaulted. Therefore be proactive instead of passive in scheduling matches.

Try to schedule matches at least a few days ahead of time. Announcing you are available to play on the same day of your announcement is not scheduling in good faith.

No default shall be given to either player if both players have made good faith attempts to schedule a match with each other at least two weeks prior to end of the quarter but their schedules just could not work out.

Your opponents have the option to default you if you can't play your matches in the Mira Mesa, Scripps Ranch, Rancho Penasquitos, Poway, Carmel Valley and Rancho Bernardo areas.

A player can also be defaulted by mutual agreement between the two players.

Prior to making a request to record a default, please make sure you have already notified the other player of your intention to default him/her.

Requests to default players must be submitted at least two days prior to the end of the quarter. Requests submitted after this deadline will not be recorded.


If one player can't finish a match for whatever the reasons then that player is subject to forfeiture with the following exceptions:  1) Both players agreed to play the match with prior knowledge of court time limitation. 2) Match can't be finished due to events beyond both players' control such as darkness, weather, unforeseen facility problems & etc..., then the match needs to be finished at a reasonable later date.  If one of the players can't finish the match at a reasonable later date then that player is subject to forfeiture.


Membership fee is due quarterly: $20 per person per quarter.  No initial registration or sign-up fee is required. Membership fee paid will be forfeited if player withdraws from the league prior to the expiration of membership term, or did not complete at least 50% of matches for the current quarter.

Members who don't complete at least 50% of their matches by the end of current quarter will forfeit their membership. If a member can't complete 50% due to injury he/she will still need to sit out the following quarter...so play the league matches early. Players who previously forfeited their membership but wish to rejoin the league will have lower priority.

By joining the league each member has implicitly agreed to the terms stated on this website and agrees to hold the league harmless for any incident arising from the league matches (member is defined as a league player and the parent(s) of a minor player). Parents agree to accompany players that are minors during their matches.

Membership renewal: Current members must submit their renewal membership fee by the renewal due date (which is usually few days before each quarter). Failure to do so will result in member's name not be placed on the roster for the new quarter and may have to wait until future quarters to rejoin base on slot availability.

New membership inquiry: Please email AgapeTennis.Martin@gmail.com to inquire about slot availabilities.  We'll usually reply within a few days after current quarter ends to let you know if a slot is available for the new quarter.  We don't have a waiting list so if you don't get in for the quarter you wanted then try again in future quarters so we know you are still intrested. If player is under age of 18 then parent must inquire for the minor player. Not following aforementioned procedure or not completing the questionnaire below may hender your chances of getting in the league.

Please complete the following questionnaire when inquiring:


-Full Name:


-Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy) & Gender:


-Email Address & Phone #:


-Who referred you to our league and recommended group level? (FYI we have groups A through D with A=Advanced & D=Entry level)


-Number of years playing tennis:


-UTR rating (if known):


-Are you a former member of Agape Tennis League? (If yes then please state when was your last quarter)


-Have you played matches with other players from our league before? If yes what were the results of those matches? (These matches could be from practices, tournaments, or other leagues. Please answer honestly so we can determine appropriate group level for you)